Our History


  • 1953

    Colonel Joseph Carmack purchased the eleven acre tract of land at the present location of 1948 Austin Hwy in San Antonio, TX

  • 1954

    Col. Carmack sold two parcels of property that were developed for an office building complex and the Belvedere Hotel. Another section of land was later sold to the present-day Fire Station.

  • 1958

    The remaining section of property was leased and construction of a bowling lanes facility began.


  • 1960

    Wonder Bowl opened for business as a popular sports venue. The original “AMF Wonder Bowl”
    Bowling Center

  • 1965

    Joe Carmack acquired the 6 acre facility and operated the bowling center until 1997 at which time he retired and Wonder Bowl was then leased to AMF up until 2012.

  • 1968

    AMF Wonder Bowl hosted the mixed-teams competition of the Women’s International Bowling Congress as part of a six nation tour. This event ran from April through June with four thousand teams competing and included a total of twenty thousand contestants in all.


  • 2012

    AMF Wonder Bowl was included in the closure of several AMF bowling alleys throughout the country. The facility remained vacant with only minor use for various events under the name of Carmack Event Center.

  • 2015

    Joe Carmack’s daughter, Kim Carmack, purchased the facility from her father and re-named it the Austin Hwy Event Center. The facility is undergoing various phases of renovation to become a very clean 45,000 square foot event center that is now hosting a variety of consumer trade shows with 29,000 square feet of exhibit area.